Mustapha Azeroual

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Mustapha Azeroual

Portrait by Laurent Lafolie


Mustapha Azeroual’s work is an experimentation with multiple photographic practices as well as with singular issues raised by these different techniques. The shared articulation is elaborated in relationship to a questioning: how, using a camera and alternative developing processes, can one create the conditions where the gaze will be led to exceed its habits?


He uses gum bichromate along with contemporary digital methods to construct images that interrogate the realization of a past instant and the trace of the present in perception. Gum bichromate allows him to approach the subject by re-interrogating the notion of direct recording that the photographic medium is presumed to offer.


Mustapha Azeroual, born in 1979, is a self-taught photographer.


Since 2008, Mustapha has participated in different creative residencies. In 2010 at Capsule (Center for Photographic Creation in Bourget), he produced the series, Résurgences (Resurgencies), noticed by Françoise Paviot who follows and supports his work, enabling his inclusion in the exhibition L’arbre et le photographe (The Tree and The Photographer) at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris (National School of Fine Arts, Paris) in 2012.


In 2012, his solo exhibition, Engram allegory of the visible proposed a selection of his entire oeuvre. The exhibition took place at the Galerie Art Factum in Beirut (Lebanon), which has since presented his work at international art fairs in the Middle East, including Design in Dubai, Art Dubai, and the Beirut Art Fair.


His most recent work, constructed as forms studying light, has led him to develop a partnership with LESIA (point for observing the sun at the Paris-Meudon Observatory) in order to finish the project ELLIOS by the end of 2015.

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