Zineb Andress Arraki

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Zineb Andress Arraki

Portrait : Alexander Ohrn


Mobilogy, questioning the usual is a daily experience. Using her BlackBerry and Facebook, she has been posting a triptych every day since 2008; as if she is telling a story in three pictures.
As for Zineb Andress Arraki’s traditional photographs, they are born from her life encounters, from the situations that she must face. She invents her own rules to share her feelings, shaping her approach and determining her uniqueness. Her work combines architecture, photography, sculpture and video.


Zineb Andress Arraki grew up in Casablanca before continuing her studies in architecture in Marseilles and Paris. At l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, she met her mentor and professor, Lionel Lemire, who introduced her "to the observation of irregularities in the World," she said. This encounter was the beginning of an inquest that would refine her position in the world she lives in.

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