Hicham Berrada

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Hicham Berrada

Photo : Aude Wyart


Hicham Berrada's works are inspired by the latest scientific advancements, and in particular those in the field of Nanoscience. He behaves, for the same reason as any factor (heat, cold, magnetism, electricity, etc.), by triggering natural physical and chemical processes unseen in our everyday world. He seeks the instant of revelation when the invisible takes shape before our eyes.

His art encompasses the genres of sculpture, installation, video and photography.


Graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris (National School for the Fine Arts of Paris, or ENSBA) in 2011, Hicham Berrada spent two years developing his research as a resident at the prestigious Studio National des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy (National Studio for Contemporary Arts Le Fresnoy). In 2013 he becomes artist in residency at the prestigious Villa Medicis, the Academy of France in Rome, Italy. From september 2018 to june 2019 he is invited at the residency Pinauld Collection in Lens, France. 

Berrada has been awarded many prizes and is today represented by galleries in France, Germany and England. Hicham Berrada is represented by CulturesInterface in Casablanca, Morocco since 2012. 

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